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This organization which is a non-profit as was established have been operating already since the year 2001. This organization is in Kenya. It has its own mission, goals, and activities to be able to achieve the goal. One of the missions of the organization or the main mission with a different division for implementation is to attain peace. We are not looking far away but we see it realistically by starting in the local communities where concerns arise.

The organization is established so that the sustainability of the community could be improved and helped. There are also projects being implemented so that communities themselves can benefit from the different projects by having their own. If they are given support, surely they would grow and produce fruit. That is why it is important that people know their rights and how to exercise them. It should begin at home, school, church and the whole community.

That could spread to other communities and so there is a collaboration so that communities could help each other and know each other. Education is one of the keys and it could serve as their power to become a successful place that is peaceful. As violence against children and women is one of the common things to occur so that is one place to start and focus. Not just for the community but for the whole nation and whole Africa continent. So if the foundation is built then it could be the source of a great start and support for the better good of many.